Niagara Knobs + Pulls - Essential Decorative Hardware

$175.00 CAD

Handles and Pulls

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet Knobs

Door and Appliance Pulls

Door + Appliance Pulls

locks, pocket door, sliding door

Pocket Door Handles + Locks



Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories

Drawer Accessories

Cabinet + Drawer Accessories

Signage and Stand-offs

Signage + Stand-offs

Door Stops

Door Stops

Shelf Supports

Shelf + Hand Rail Supports



Browse by finish

Browse by Finish

Viefe Hardware

Knoke Tambour Doors

MWE Ladders, sliding door, barn door, railings, showers

 Our selection includes a wide range of  handles, knobs, pulls, doorstops, hooks, bathroom accessories, 

pocket door pulls, banister supports, signage, door and appliance pulls + more



  • Acrylic Sale

    Acrylic Sale

    Bright Colours and Fun Shapes Just in time for bright weather, get in the mood with juicy fruit inspired colours and shapes. Our acrylic is high quality, designed in Spain.  Shop now to get 30% off
  • Holiday 2021

    Holiday 2021

    Happy Holidays from Niagara Knobs + Pulls! We will be Closed Dec 27th, Dec 28th , Open Dec 29th - 31st, Closed Jan 3rd. Back at 9am Jan 4th.  Please note that some of our vendors are closed from Dec 24th - Jan 3rd, which will
  • Why Choose Stainless Steel?

    Why Choose Stainless Steel?

    Why Choose Stainless Steel? Stainless steel has unique qualities:

    It can self-repair!
    Stainless steel has a naturally occurring layer that forms
    on the surface by oxidization. This film is very thin (only a
    few atoms thick), inert and invisible. If the surface is accidentally
    scratched this protective coating automatically repairs itself. This layer
    is what makes it corrosion resistant.

    Stainless steel is guaranteed quality composition.
    All our stainless products are made of a specific grade (AISI 303 or 304) of stainless
    steel, to ensure you are always getting the best of quality. Our products are made in Europe ensuring that you are consistently purchasing only the finest.

    Stainless steel is an environmentally-friendly choice.
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